Philina Fan | Product Designer
Philina Fan | Product Designer

Bookself: Children's book subscription


BookSELF: An Entrepreneurial Journey in Early Childhood Literacy



"People are always asking me what kind of English books they should buy for their kids. I wish we had better English books in Hong Kong."

My sister is an accomplished educator who always found it difficult to find good English books in the Hong Kong market. She has a Masters in Education from Harvard Graduate School of Education and has a depth of knowledge about all of the great English children's books in the United States.

The parents she works with also do not have the knowledge about which books to buy and often depend on the local English bookstores that don't carry quality books. She asked me to join her to start an English children's book subscription business named BookSELF that would bring these wonderful books to the Hong Kong market. Below are a selection of the screens that are important for the business of BookSELF.



I designed the branding, print material and e-commerce website of our company. I also took all of the photography for the campaign photoshoot and product shots.