Philina Fan | Product Designer
Philina Fan | Product Designer

Non-Profit Website: League of Women Voters


League of Women Voters: Designing a Storytelling Platform that Encourages Taking Action On a Cause


The Problem

"Sharing an issue on social media is great, but it doesn't equal taking action."

League of Women Voters has an issue with quality engagement on it's digital platform, which is directly affecting their advocacy efforts. Although members use social media to share and pass on information about their causes, the real difficulty is getting people to sign petitions, call their congressmen and take a hands-on approach to making an impact.

Team and Duration

My role on this project was lead designer on a 3-person team with a focus on user research. I also sketched the initial concept that became the final design deliverable. We had two weeks to complete our first deliverable.

Tools and Methods

Surveys and qualitative interviews, hand sketching, design strategy and concept, usability testing, wireframes in Sketch3, Invision prototype walk-through.

Qualitative Analogous Interviews

We chose to focus on interviewing as many people as we could on their engagement behaviors with non-profit causes.


Key Insights from User Research

1. Storytelling is a convincing tool for advocacy, because it brings the human element to a cause.

2. Forming a community that fosters conversation can motivate action on issues. 

3. Allowing for privacy and anonymity can add important opinions from otherwise silent voices on polarizing issues.

Personas Created from Insights


Sketches of Initial Design

Detailed Design

Embracing all kinds of voices, including the quiet ones.

Below are the four main screens that inform the design flow. These are improved design iterations that were done after the group project wrapped up. 

1. Allowing users to submit their views and opinions via video, voice, text or uploading files on the commenting section of each campaign creates a platform for users with a variety of personalities and voices.

2. We also added an "anonymous" feature for any of these interactions.

3. Finally, we made the member of the League feel like an important individual by creating a personal profile that tracks their own impact on the causes.


Next Steps: Service Design

My sketches for a mobile yurt that would educate people about the League's issues. With the elections around the corner, these yurts could be situated at the voting centers.


After the group project was completed, I extended the League of Women Voters project and added service design by bringing the digital storytelling platform into the real world via a mobile yurt. I created a journey map and a service blueprint for this experience.